Nursing and The Role Of Nurses

Nursing and The Role Of Nurses

A nurse is someone who has passed a higher nursing education both at home and abroad which is recognized by the government in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

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Nurses are not doctors' assistants, but nurses are partners / work partners for doctors, nurses are also health workers who provide care and are always near patients for 24 hours.

Nursing is the activity of providing care to individuals, families, groups or communities, both sick and healthy.

Nursing service is a form of professional service which is an integral part of health services based on nursing knowledge and tips aimed at individuals, families, groups or communities, both sick and healthy. Nursing practice is a service provided by nurses in the form of nursing care.

Nursing care is a series of nurse interactions with clients and their environment to achieve the goal of meeting the needs and independence of clients in caring for themselves. (Uu no: 38 of 2014 concerning nursing).

The nurse's role is the behavior expected by other people towards someone according to their position in the system which can be influenced by social conditions both from the nursing profession and from outside the nursing profession which are constant.

The roles of nurses according to the 1989 consortium of health sciences are as follows:

1. Caregiver

Meet client needs with a nursing approach process. The point here is to carry out a series of interactions with clients that aim to meet client needs, paying attention to the basic human needs needed through the provision of nursing services using the nursing process, from simple to complex.

2. Educator

Helping clients to increase knowledge through health education, namely giving advice or explanations to clients about the disease that is being suffered by the client, assisting the client in increasing the level of health knowledge, symptoms of the disease and even the actions given, so that there is a change in the behavior of the client after health education

3. Coordinator / case manager

Directing, planning and organizing health services, providing an overview to the client about the illness and directing the patient for a series of therapies that will be obtained later, directing, planning and organizing health services from the health team so that the delivery of health services can be directed and in accordance with the needs of the client.

4. Consultant

A place for consultation on problems or nursing actions given. Namely as a place for patients to consult about client problems and therapy so that patients can understand what problems they are facing, this role is carried out at the client's request for information about the goals of nursing services provided.

5. Advocate

Assist clients and families in interpreting various information from service providers or other information, especially in taking consent for nursing actions given to patients - maintaining and protecting patient rights

6. Collaborator

Collaborating with other health teams to meet client service needs, this role is carried out because nurses work through a health team consisting of doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and others, trying to identify the necessary nursing services including discussions or exchange of opinions in determining the form of further services.

7. Case finder

Detecting and finding cases and tracing the occurrence of diseases.

8. Researcher

Conducting research in the field of nursing as evidence of basic practice, conducting planning, cooperation, systematic and directed changes in accordance with the method of providing nursing services.

The role of nurses according to the results of the 1983 nursing workshop:

1. Implementing Nursing Services

provide nursing care either directly or indirectly with the nursing process method

2. Educator in Nursing

educate individuals, families, groups and communities as well as health workers who are under their responsibility.

3. Nursing service manager

manage nursing services and education in accordance with nursing management within the framework of the nursing paradigm

4. Nursing service researchers and developers

Identify research problems, apply research principles and methods, and utilize research results to improve the quality of care or services and nursing education.

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